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Trusted engine for owner's and investors' highest and best return; and maximize private equity’s carried interest.

Revolutionary Investment Banking & Valuation Growth Alliance.

Battle-tested equity creation.


EGI Capital is a highly-specialized performance-based exit strategy firm consolidating investment banking with driving above-market growth of EBITDA and market share to crate a compounding effect on valuation multiplier, TEV and MOIC.


EGI Capital creates enterprise value and equity through performance growth science and big data technology programs that have positive, immediate and certain deep contact with profits and market share for optimized enterprise exit.

Our history of success? The horsepower of six decades Fortune 500 EBITDA and market share growth having created over $50B profits in Fortune 500 - now scaled to the middle market.

We innovated a first-mover new industry:  Meta Exit.

The system is so powerful we patented it. 


Perfect Results for Investors' and Carried Interest.

Representing Private Equity,  Merchant Banking,  Private Family Office,  Investment Banking,  Wealth Management,  M&A  &  Select Private Company Owners

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WHY: EGI Capital is masterful at forging new EBITDA, market share, growth rates producing a compounding effect on the valuation multiplier to produce an auction environment sale. EGI Capital exists to drive growth for maximized valuation, and to solve the problem of private mid-market companies which face laboring EBITDA, valuation under strain, unsure exit and potential lost equity. EGI model is in the best interest of investors' equity and private equity's carried interest. 

WHO: EGI Capital was formed through the intellectual capital of the leaders of largest specialty international investment banking and profit growth companies - which has been successfully applied to the biggest firms in the world - now scaled to the private middle market. That track record of profit growth success consists of having improved profits by over $50 Billion for half of the Fortune 500 companies.

WHAT: EGI Capital combines neuro behavioral science and programs with big data technology deployed in revenues, operations and market share coupled with investment banking and strategic buyer acquisition. Systems reach deeply into sales and market channels. 

It's a tried and trusted way of delivering not just a process that's watertight - but an outcome that's watertight. 

HOW: EGI Capital determines the hard wiring to EBITDA lift through sales and increased market share. We isolate what that lift must be to considerably enhance enterprise value and then we ground-up develop, we back-in to exactly what must be run, system-wide, in sales and market share growth to achieve that EBITDA, growth rates and valuation multiplier lift.  We align profit-creating decision-making psychology “choice architecture” with highest company economic outcomes. We drive Metamotivation programs in behavior neuro science technology to achieve highly-desirable profits from out of reach locations and therefore optimize enterprise value. With driven enterprise value we manage into an auction environment for the highest bidder. This is Meta Exit.

WHERE: Our services are scalable for cross-boarder and roll-ups; and impact multi-billion-dollar client footprints spanning 75+ countries, thousands of B2B clients and partners, and hundreds of thousands of employees world-wide. Our history and partner network powers program fulfillment capability that reach 190+ countries. And this footprint now is delivered to the private mid-market to exit with the highest and best international buyers bidding.

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