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EGI Capital exist for one simple reason.

To Maximize the Multiple on Invested Capital

Value Proposition

Client gains strategic buyers, bids up price, avoids flat or fire sale, and captures the highest value leaving no equity on the table

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Private Equity Group

EGI Capital was founded by leadership in private equity from an $8B fund of funds. Private Equity accesses swift remediation to dramatically enhance holding or portfolio performance into high-value performers and high-level equity for exit. Create quicker returns and repay debt at an accelerated rate for moving transactions through a proven cycle. EGI Capital model is in the highest and best interest of investors' and private equity's carried interest. Programs are effectively self-funding. 


Also, many portfolios carry anemic-performing companies which are not responding to growth needs, create a drag on the entire portfolio aggregate return, and or must be improved within the compression of time of a closing fund. EGI Capital drives profits and market share to deliver enhanced equity to convert low-producing, pain-making holdings into valuable portfolio assets and for a perfect exit. 


Review the Portfolio Pressure Test Questions Here

Private Client Group

For Private Companies, Equity Growth International specializes in increasing net equity in middle market businesses by implementing proprietary Fortune 500 performance improvement programs to drive profit and equity growth which gains strategic buyers, bids up price by auction, and captures the highest value leaving no equity on the table. 

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Trusted Advisor Group

For the Trusted Advisors who offer expertise to private mid-market companies, EGI Capital offers various strong value propositions by implementing proprietary performance improvement programs to drive profit and equity growth which gains strategic buyers, bids up price by auction, and captures the highest value leaving no equity on the table. 


Wealth Management

Increase clients’ private company legacy assets and brings these assets into their assets under management (AUM) by having brought this superior result to their client.


Corporate Lawyers, Accountants & Risk Management

Fortune 500 solution for mid-market private company clients experiencing stress, needing to achieve optimum equity, leave no equity on the table, and ensure the richest earnout. 


Private Family Offices

Tool of Fortune 500 performance improvement ensures that the company holding will achieve maximum profitability and valuation.


Commercial Bank Workout
Bring in the pre-workout Fortune 500 solution to the relationship between borrower and lender to engage solutions to bring about the needed profit and equity lift to convert adversely categorized at-risk commercial loans into performance and perfect exit.

EGI Drives what Investment Bank Needs to maximize TEV, Equity and MOIC

  • Increased Top-line Profits,

  • Increased EBITDA,

  • Increased Market Share

  • Increased Growth Rates

  • Increased Company Valuation,

  • Increased Wealth

  • Increased Options for Exit Strategy

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