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Proprietary, Patent Process of Profit & Equity Growth to Lift Enterprise Value and Multiple on Invested Capital. A "Ground Effect" = speed & lift.

Over $50 Billion improved profits in Fortune 500


$50 Billion+

60 Years


Profits created in Fortune 500, now scaled to the private mid market


The process patent. We identified the unmet need, isolated the solutions, and created new technologies and methodology.

Experience driving successful MetaMotivation systems

$50 Million

Guaranteed minimum increase in equity on exit.

Number of ongoing MetaMotivation systems presently operating in Fortune 500 and upper mid market by owners and operators of EGI 


Cost. All Programs effectively self-funding. Success fee paid only from EGI impacts to equity lift | self-funding again.

The EGI Capital Mission is to solve the question of

“Without profit and market share optimization before exit, exactly what is the equity being left on the table? There is an answer to this. Said another way, what Must be done, remedially in profits and market share, to Optimize the value to leave No equity on the table? EGI Capital has that answer. We call this MetaExit."

- Christopher Desloge, before M&A group

Business Team

What We Do

MetaExit is the end result of our proprietary, patent-pending, highly-prescriptive process delivering highest level of certainty of TEV & equity lift at exit. We pursue achievable scale to create durability, and seamlessly transferrable to new owner. 

EGI Capital specializes in increasing net equity in middle market businesses. Focus is required: We isolate which functions or departments would benefit most from MetaMotivation, Technology and Big Data and deploy a combination of new targeted solutions, visualization tools, and motivation and training in those few areas. 

Our clients receive substantial portfolio performance enhancement by bringing in successful special drivers in EBITDA lift and market share growth to substantially elevate the valuation multiplier. While clients may be under pressure of a close-out date and face the problem seeking a must-have solution, EGI Capital delivers the key specialty of Fortune 500 drivers for Equity Lift: MetaExit.

Our clients receive a unique, patent pending process that doesn't just manage a transaction, but sets up and guides a prescriptive process which creates a bidding environment for the company to develop a choice of buyers, and then truly integrates the two companies so that the new entity emerges stronger and more sustainable while ensuring maximum earnout. 

EGI Capital Technology is Big Data + Growth Science

EGI Capital delivers the full power of behavioral neuro science technology, and Fortune 500 performance measures, data & analytics tied directly to private company profit and equity lift - Meta Exit - managed within our patent pending enterprise-class end-to-end EquityNex delivery system.

And We back it all up with a Performance Warranty. 

​Through our 60 year successfully-applied Fortune 500 proprietary system of metamotivation behavior science technology coupled with cutting-edge investment banking strategic buyer acquisition, we specialize in accelerating private company valuation by driving profitable revenue, expanding market share which creates equity growth. And we patented it.

Detail of this proprietary Model

We create enhanced business value and equity prior to an exit transaction by unleashing the potential of people who can deliver exponential results.

EGI Capital develops and manages behavior neuro science programs long successfully deployed at Fortune 500 in areas of Sales and Operations. These are auditable, highly-effective drivers of profits, and operate for @2 years before exit. These net-new EBITDA profits forge a marked increase in the valuation multiplier.
We also influence increasing market share (which adds another @1 year) which has an additional, substantial contribution to the valuation multiplier in an auction environment. Taken in total, EGI Capital drives profits and market share to their optimum, setting the stage for an auction environment for the highest and best buyer.
Private equity roll-ups, by their nature, frequently create disparate systems for profit, market share growth and growth rates. EGI unifies all roll-up units' profit and market share growth into an extremely potent organizational value creator. 

Deep sector mastery allows for cross-holdings application - breeding substantial portfolio lift and rich auction sale environment.
EGI Capital model is in the highest and best interest of private mid-market exits and Private Equity carried interest. All program costs are effectively self-funding. 
Best Fit
We focus on private mid-market companies which 
~ recognize that their equity is under real pressure
~ are seeking an exit from their businesses within the next 2-5 years
~ know that they are in a volatile marketplace and need to gain strong EBITDA & market-share before an impending exit
~ seek to drive maximum company value or strategic market strength to increase options.
~ Successful EGI Capital model requires minimum company ARR between $75-100M
~ Successful client outcome minimum $50M to $150M+ in lifted equity potential

​Trusted Advisors to private companies need a powerful tool to offer their clients strong enhancement in equity to stabilize and create wealth.
​Many private owners have their equity trapped in an uncertain or bleak succession, which devalues their equity. We also coordinate with full-spectrum family office legacy asset planning.
​EGI Capital also represents deep investment bank relationships that drive the strategic performance changes of the businesses we serve, and we coordinate with our M&A partners for the most lucrative strategic acquisition and dispositions that benefits both entities.
​No longer are the best solutions available only to Fortune 500-size companies. The proprietary EGI Capital system has been designed specifically for the needs of middle-market companies using proven Fortune 500 programs to enhance equity.

We also represent venture capital as principal or financier to acquire or finance private company growth by EGI Capital activities to best exit.

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