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MetaMotivation                          MetaExit




Growth Science has Direct Impact on Enterprise Value, Equity Lift and MOIC

Deep Reach into Sales, Channels and Market Share

Major Fiscal Impact to Top Line, EBITDA, Market Share and Growth Rates

Effectively Self-Funding. Its so strong, we patented it. 

Engine for EGI Capital

  • A 10% increase in customer MetaMotivation yields a 30% rise in the value of the company (Bain & Co.)

  • A 5% sales increase from the middle 60% yields over 70% more revenue than the same increase from the top 10% (Maritz)

  • Companies with strong MetaMotivation Market Share programs grow revenues 2.5 times faster than their competitors and generate 100-400% higher returns to shareholders (HBR).

  • Companies using MetaMotivation, have 3X higher revenue increases (Aberdeen Research)



Proof Positive. EGI Capital creates Growth for auction environment with these outcomes.

A technology hardware company deployed a set of analytics tools to improve the decisions of its sales force. The new platform helped the company to conduct customer analytics and to better identify sales and renewal opportunities. Since implementing the MetaMotivation tools, the tech company generated more than $100 million in new revenue from support and service contracts.

One large B2B manufacturer recognized that a large percentage of the company’s sales flowed from a small proportion of its customer base, but sales growth with those big customers was sluggish. Through MetaMotivation and big data the company doubled its rate of sales growth while actually cutting its sales costs.

Sales analysis identified sales territories had been assigned according to historical performance rather than growth prospects. Micromarket MetaMotivation increased the firm’s growth rate of new accounts from 15 percent to 25 percent in just one year.

Retailers in the grocery, drug sectors that have used consumer insights & behavior MetaMotivation and data to achieve a sales uplift of 3 to 5 percent and a net margin improvement of one to four percentage points in 6 to 18 months.

Through analysis of transaction data and MetaMotivatiion the retailer found customer value perception improved, and the retailer was able to achieve an increase in like-for-like sales from 2 to 5 percent, while also recouping one percentage point of margin.

Facing strict regulations on incentives in the healthcare industry, an international Pharma company deployed the MetaMotivation combination of behavioral science and data to gain a better understanding of key motivators for physician partners. The result was over $50M in incremental sales growth. (Maritz)

An international manufacturer and distributor executed MetaMotivation for their master resellers sales channel. In none months, MetaMotivastion released the power of 32% total revenue increase, market share increase of over 30%, NOI increased to 19% of revenue. (Incentive Research Foundation)

Non-parenthetical source: McKinsey published online in the Harvard Business Review; excerpted from the authors’ article “Selling into Micromarkets” iJuly-August, 2015 Marketing & Sales Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing & Sales

EGI Drives what Investment Bank Needs

  • Increased Top-line Profits,

  • Increased EBITDA,

  • Increased Market Share

  • Increased Growth Rates

  • Increased Company Valuation,

  • Increased Wealth

  • Increased Options for Exit Strategy

EGI Performance Warranty - No success, no Success Fee due

"Failure is not an option"   - Apollo 13



How do we ensure that any Success Fee is tied to EGI program success?

EGI provides a comprehensive Performance Warranty – No Success fee due. EGI proprietary patent system is built around our “CITE” big data technology which includes deeply forensic audit measures capturing near real-time program impacts, payoff analysis, return-on-investment analysis, and translation to enterprise value and created equity. The Successability Assessment gathers all the relevant data to build a specific program plan, and which isolates the targeted lifts in gross revenue, net profits and market share. Our Successability Report renders how our program plan line is forecasted giving EGI and the client a clear forward-looking plan. Through the granular forensic auditing of program outcomes each month in work areas areas of sales, operations, and customer metrics we are able to plan for any vagaries which might occur along that plan line within an acceptable “cone of uncertainty” above and below plan line.

If during the course of the operating plan the Actual granular data of work areas falls beneath a certain threshold of the plan line for three months in a row, the assignment is automatically “put into review” by EGI, and a six month “performance warranty plan” is launched. Should data sustain results well below plan line, EGI sets a “warranty early termination review” discussion with the client. Should a warranty early termination be executed by EGI, programs will be adjusted for an amended plan or ramped down, and in the event of EGI termination, no EGI success fee would be earned or payable.  


How do we ensure EGI success fee is tied to results EGI creates and not the engineering of private equity?

Our forensic audit system proactively anticipates and creates plans for ongoing financial engineering, divestitures and roll-up activity through our “Basis and Adjustment to Basis” measures to isolate impacts to company results outside the scope of EGI equity lift programs.

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