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EGI Capital Growth Technology: Bringing together big data and behavioral science. We have behavior down to a science.©

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Growth Science Technology as Deep Appreciating Asset

Adopting new Technologies to Scale Impact. Aligning decision-making psychology “choice architecture” with highest company economic outcomes

EGI Capital creates enterprise value and equity by driving growth science technology and activities that have positive, immediate and certain deep contact with profits and market share for optimized exit. 

Deep Audit  •  Deep Market  •  Deep Channels  •  Deep Operations  •  Deep Equity  •  Deep Trust

Zero Risk  •  All Upside

We know what we're doing. We've been doing it for six decades.

When hiring EGI Capital  to deploy its proprietary, tactical lift ability, clients gain an advance level of certainty in what they are getting because they achieve the knowledge and levers that they themselves lack. Clients can precisely measure EGI Capital results because of transparency and quality of execution. EGI Capital plans and builds for outside factors such as management transition, challenges of roll-ups and divestitures. Injecting Big Data and analytics alone into operations can help companies outperform their peers by 5 percent in terms of productivity and 6 percent in profitability. (McKinsey, 2014)

We have a direct line of “CITE”. All EGI activity is formed around targeted impacts in sales, operations and market share, and the growth rates of each. Program scope includes a comprehensive two-three year impacts plan line of KPIs including a full payoff analysis and an ROI plan. This plan line is then equipped with a cone of uncertainty above and below its line to anticipate vagaries and include outside impacts.


With our decades of forensic audit and measures skill, EGI Capital casts the Basis or status of the existing problem against which we measure our numerous slices of impact. During the life of an assignment as the holding acquires other entities or associated roll-ups or other financial engineering, EGI Capital casts an Adjustment to Basis with the client capturing all the impacts by deep line item. This patent protected system ensures the client the clear audit trail of EGI Capital programs, to outcome impacts and to enterprise value (and therefore equity lift) as created, auditable, by the EGI Capital system. 


We achieve this level of forensic audit in-stream because we close our books each month and report to the client where the Actual data points land along the Plan line, and publish a report on the reasons and owners of any variations above or below the plan line - as well as any Adjustments to Basis. With the investment banking partner, we then calculate the translation of those impacts to enterprise value and valuation multiplier. This proprietary patent system is known as “CITE”. 

The program and end results are durable for seamless transition to a new buyer adding to the confidence and trust of enhanced valuation.  


What's in Your exit strategy?©

© "We have behavior down to a science" is copyright of Maritz

The highly-prescriptive EGI method is incredibly auditable and measurable for clients to judge EGI’s performance in advance, during the assignment and at the conclusion because we provide our client with the specialized knowledge, forensic audit, and capability they lack. EGI’s proprietary system of end-to-end program and auditable measures becomes an appreciating asset of the client.

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