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Wealth Management

Wealth Management is not collecting an assets under management (AUM) fee for a client’s assets not in portfolio, e.g. client’s private company valuation, yet the wealth management firm, as a trusted advisor on legacy wealth, regularly has knowledge of their client's sale interest. Wealth Management needs the tool to help their client elevate their legacy assets after the sale, post-exit strategy financial plan for the business owner and his/her family, and provide the roadmap to ensure that those legacy assets fall under the wealth managers AUM for other business ventures, strategic philanthropic plan and financial plans with family members. 

We educate and empower Wealth Management advisors to bring real resources to enhance their clients legacy assets.  

We provide their clients with Fortune 500 drivers of EBITDA to drive exponential equity lift which their client has not yet fully deployed, or deployed well enough. 

Our strategy is founded on the principal of increasing clients' net equity by at least 20%, and at a minimum of $20 million. And wealth management firms increase their AUM by having brought this superior result to their client.

We provide Wealth Management with the easy-to-use, confidential, zero-cost, self-pre-qualification "Equity Lift Scorecard" tool. Provide just the base detail and Equity Growth International will deliver a preliminary scoring to reveal if the general statistics may respond to the EGI Fortune 500 Performance Improvement remedy. 

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