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EGI Advisory

Client Evaluation 

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The question is, "If you were successful in raising $50B profits in Fortune 500, how would you leverage this success for maximizing exit enterprise value in the private mid market?" At some point it becomes immoral or almost criminal not to.      - Christopher Desloge before a PFO group


Prospective client success is reviewed through a multi-phase information, evaluation and successability process

For Private Equity, Trusted Advisors and Private Companies which are laboring under low-producing EBITDA and anemic valuation, Equity Growth International examination and prescriptive process is delivered through the EGI Advisory phase which includes Consultation, Assay, Evaluation & Orientation and Successability Assessment. 

Consultation and Assay


Preliminary scan by EGI senior leadership of equity and EBITDA pain points, controlling group, senior management, historical lift attempts, portfolio damage pressure test, forward time table, sector fit, company profile and qualification checklist ("Assay Test"). Typically by phone or initial contact. There is a fee for Consultation.


Senior Masters in EGI's Profit & Marketshare development, and M&A with Trusted Advisor or Private Equity controlling group the private company baseline financials, potential for Fortune 500 EGI Program Equity Lift, ownership willingness and capacity, and M&A landscape. Review and rating of Trusted Advisor's private company client or holdings for range of remedy tolerance and company management willingness for EGI proprietary equity lift model. This stage consists of mission-critical conference with all key masters to summarize status, isolate the problem and pressure test for solutions. There is a fee for this conference of senior masters. 

Successability Assessment


Company-wide, international footprint profit-isolating analysis in sales, operations and market share. Successability Assessments typically operate over 6-12 weeks depending on scope. Fee for Assessment structured based on scope.  

Orientation of Process with Private Mid-Market Companies

For Stages and Fees for the following, enter the Tutorial Area

  • Summary of Status

    • Baseline “Base Value Status”

    • Get and evaluate all extant financial and performance data (every P&L and Balance Sheet element) to isolate what has been done, even if they are frustrated with it.


  • Summary of the deep dive “Equity Lift Assessment”  


  • Isolate “Range of Remedy-Tolerance” & "Impact Influence" (Private Equity may own only 5% - or 100%. This also may be the “Range of Remedy-Tolerance” & “Influence”. PE: higher the % ownership/control likely highest tolerance and influence versus Private Direct / M&A: where higher the % may be owner recalcitrant / obstinate).


  • Co-establishing equity target (lift over baseline)


  • Detail on thousands of decades-deep case studies by

    • Client’s sector(s) we serve in Fortune 100 space

    • Performance Improvement program line (what kind of program)

    • Area of client application (revenue side, operations side)

    • Area of human influence to affect change/lift

  • Mapping Competitive Landscape to

    • a) isolate strategic buyers and

    • b) fully comprehend client company sales and operations within this landscape

    • c) determine client range of company taking space over competitors

    • d) set the table for a robust competitive auction of the company

  • Driving and Directly Operating & Managing Programs to achieve equity lift (compelling irrefutability of Performance Improvement  process)

    • Sales

      • Direct

      • Indirect - channel

    • Operations

    • Customer Loyalty

  •  Providing Projected Trendline of EBITDA and Equity Lift

       Providing powerhouse of program-to-equity data measures & analytics

  • Providing Audit Trail and Program Impact Monthly

  • Providing In-Stream Variance Reporting

  • Providing Machinery for Mitigation of Sale Date slippage, Sale Failure


  • Providing Program activity for Mitigation of Seller’s Earn-out haircut


       Providing Long-haul company performance post-sale. Buyer acquires fine-tuned profit engine

For EGI preliminary client qualification and tutorial Portal (which enables an initial swift assessment to determine access to achievable equity lift), Click banner below

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