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Schedules for Engagement

EGI Capital equity lift review process encompasses several gateways of Client Profile Evaluation. Each stage is a red light until EGI evaluation success turns light green. 

I. Preliminary Consultation "Swift Test" scan with controlling group or trusted advisor                                                                                                                            

Typically $2,500. Swift Test reveals company readiness identified by stability, general readiness to change, and ownership & management specific skills at accommodating Equity Lift Program


     This Swift Test Consultation includes review of

  • Sector

  • Revenues

  • Gross Profit

  • Number Employees

  • % Sale by Direct

  • # Direct sales

  • # Channel sales partners

  • Valuation under pressure


II. Secondary - Deep Evaluation                                                                                                        $15,000

  • Private Company baseline financials, potential for Fortune 500 EGI Program Equity Lift, range of remedy-tolerance, and ownership willingness and capacity.

  • Owner and Management buy-in and engagement

  • Willingness to engage in On-Site Session with controlling group 

  • Willingness to engage in Assessment of troubled holding

  • Baseline M&A Transaction Value (before Equity Lift)

III. On-site visit with controlling group by EGI senior team for a) Analysis, Diagnosis and Prognosis 

of troubled holding and b) Summary of EGI Procedures.                             

(e.g. Private Equity portfolio leadership).                                                                  Typically @$10,000/day +TE

IV. On-site Introduction & Summary to target company C-Suite & senior

management                                                                                                             Typically @$10,000/day +TE

V. In-Depth Successability Assessment on-site throughout target company sales & operations

global footprint.                                                                                                           Subject to Scope, but ~$75-150,000

VI. Presentation of Successability with Recommendations.                                        Typically @$10,000/day +TE

Programs run for 2-3 years and come with a pre-scoped plan line to ensure a payoff point and then ROI. By this method of highly auditable measures the Programs are in effect self-funding.

At the sale of the company, EGI Capital earns an Equity Success fee of a % of the lifted equity created by EGI Capkiital, effectively self-funding. All blockchain managed.

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