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Family Office

Single Family (SFO) and Multi Family (MFO) Private family offices face challenges developing many functions in servicing its client with a holistic approach to managing the family’s wealth.  

According to the Family Wealth Alliance, a Chicago-based research and consulting organization for family offices, the ten functions most often provided by a family office are: 1) Comprehensive financial planning, 2) Portfolio management, 3) Back office/Consolidated reporting, 4) Estate and wealth transfer, 5) Tax planning, preparation and compliance, 6) Risk management, 7) Trustee services, 8) Life management, 9) Family governance and education, and 10) Philanthropy. Key to sustained success is the nuclear core portfolio dialed in with the strategic initiatives of the investment strategy. A good investment policy, however, only is as good as it works for a family member’s particular circumstances, liquidity requirements, and specific investments. Thus, stress-testing these policy guidelines using various analytical tools and performing extensive due diligence and research on investments are important. 

According to Bessemer Trust, The Roundtable Notes, the second area affecting sustainability of the family office is investment strategies and risk management.(1) According to Investorpedia, two trends affecting wealth management in private family offices are a) Profitability, a growing challenge for family offices, and b) Ultra-affluent clients are demanding highly professional financial services.(2)

Holding, growing, acquiring or selling a private company asset of a private family office may include family member involvement in management, and or very strategic sectoring to align with the family office values. While perhaps not under the time pressure that Private Equity portfolios may be for excellent performance, having the tool of Fortune 500 performance improvement ensures that the company holding will achieve maximum valuation. 

Private Family Office management may be frustrated having done all they know and can do with their tools and not having the levers for needed lift;  the company may be stalling out or hit a limiter. 

We understand Private Family Office values-based and holistic services coupled with their demand for excellent and perfect outcomes performance and equity gain. 

We provide the Fortune 500 drivers of EBITDA to drive exponential equity lift which management has not yet fully deployed, or deployed well enough. 

We provide Private Family Offices with the easy-to-use, confidential, zero-cost, self-pre-qualification "Equity Lift Scorecard" tool. Provide just the base detail and Equity Growth International will deliver a preliminary scoring to reveal if the general statistics may respond to the EGI Fortune 500 Performance Improvement remedy. 

(1) Bessemer Trust, THE ROUNDTABLE NOTES, supra note 19 at 1-2. 

(2) Top 3 Trends Affecting Private Wealth Management, By Richard Wilson, Investorpedia

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