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Portfolio Performance Enhancement coupled with Robust Carried Interest Outcome.

EGI was founded by leadership in private equity from an $8B fund of funds. We understand Private Equity pressures and their management intuitively, as well as timing and demand for excellent and perfect outcomes for performance and equity gain. 

We provide the Fortune 500 drivers of EBITDA to drive exponential equity lift across all holdings which need lift which management has not yet fully deployed, or deployed well enough. Deep sector mastery allows for cross-portfolio application breeding substantial portfolio lift and rich auction sale environment.

We provide Private Equity with the easy-to-use, confidential, zero-cost, self-pre-qualification "Equity Lift Scorecard" tool. Provide just the base detail and Equity Growth International will deliver a preliminary scoring to reveal if the general statistics may respond to the EGI Fortune 500 Performance Improvement remedy. 

The EGI Model delivers a pay-off and ROI analysis, and by which reflect that our model is in effect self-funding. EGI also maintains broad relationships with venture capital and investment bank groups to either take out the company, or finance the EGI model to exit.

Specialty work for Painfulness within the Portfolio

Private Equity may hold companies which are contributing a considerable drag on portfolio aggregated return and or value loss on sale. The below-market sale of off-performers may be of no real value to the portfolio except return of capital, if that.


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