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Corporate Law, Accounting and Risk Management

Corporate lawyers, accountants and risk management advisors regularly are in contact with private company owners whose company is experiencing stress in profits and valuation; or advising on company operations, tax and estate planning or legacy transition. Your trusted advisor position may leave few tools to offer the client to drive up EBITDA to achieve optimum equity, leave no equity on the table, and ensure the richest earnout. 


The company owners and management likely have done all they know, and can do with their tools and not having the levers for needed lift; the company may be stalled out or hit a limiter. 

We understand this trusted advisor group needs to have the powerful tool to drive excellent and perfect outcomes performance and equity gain. 

We provide the Fortune 500 drivers of EBITDA to drive exponential equity lift which management has not yet fully deployed, or deployed well enough. 

We provide you with the easy-to-use, confidential, zero-cost, self-pre-qualification "Equity Lift Scorecard" tool. Provide just the base detail and Equity Growth International will deliver a preliminary scoring to reveal if the general statistics may respond to the EGI Fortune 500 Performance Improvement remedy. 

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