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Bank Workout

Adversely categorized, at risk commercial business loans create a difficulty for the lender in not having the tools necessary to help the business survive or flourish. Pre-workout understanding of the company potential coupled with real levers for profit and valuation bring the lender greater partnership with the client while also managing within the regulatory lending procedures. Companies under real duress, if the lender can no longer participate out of performance, may fail further harming the securitization of loans; or the owners may turn to bankruptcy options.  Pre-workout relationship between borrower and lender engages company solutions to bring about the needed profit and equity lift. 

We have deep relationships in M&A, investment banking, and private equity   to drive profits and equity and create an auction environment bidding up company sale price to avoid the trap of lost equity to the owners and failed loans to lenders. 

We provide the Fortune 500 drivers of EBITDA to drive exponential equity lift which management has not yet fully deployed, or deployed well enough. 

We provide Private Equity with the easy-to-use, confidential, zero-cost, self-pre-qualification "Equity Lift Scorecard" tool. Provide just the base detail and Equity Growth International will deliver a preliminary scoring to reveal if the general statistics may respond to the EGI Fortune 500 Performance Improvement remedy. 

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