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Investors Evaluation

Precise and Meaningful Thesis

Early stage, pre-revenue

supported by a proprietary deep tech backbone. 

Proprietary system of process, programs, technology and auditable measures which translate to lifting the equity of private mid-market firms. 

System is highly-durable and seamlessly transferrable to a new owner, thereby sustaining and repeating the model 

Ultra-high net profits

Blue ocean, first mover. No competitors doing what we're doing 

Track record of having improved profits by over $50B  in Fortune 500, now scaled to the private mid-market. 

We have a compelling link to the market we are in and the problem we solve.

Our founding team has the hacking, scaling, analytical and communication skills  building a world class company

EGI is an ingenious hacker which applies to the private mid market the full force of our success we created in Fortune 500 ($50B profits).

We are a thesis-driven firm applied to every sector.

Compelling use cases in model programs and technology.

Attacking the problems of the present and future.

Broad  headcount, deep operational capacity.

Day one international capacity and capability  in programs and investment banking

Market penetration is B2B (clients themselves are both B2B and B2C)

Applies with business-model-defined funds, geography-defined funds and entrepreneur-defined funds

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