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It's Equity Growth:  "3.0" - MetaExit
Driving a dramatic, proactive growth process focused on creating a competitive and timed market, optimizing the value

Sailing 1.0        2007 America's Cup was all about cutwater - an average top speed of 12 mph.
Sailing 2.0       2021 its all about lift - the average speed is 45 mph.

Why? Because someone thought to bring two existing elements to the game:

+ get the hull out of the water and
 + apply flight aeronautics to a sailing vessel.

The Old MOIC Model - Equity Growth 1.0

•Cost Reductions
•Talent upgrades
•Financial engineering
•Roll ups

Photo by Ivo Rovira. 


Our Specialty MOIC - Equity Growth 2.0

•Thrust top line gross in deep channels
•Optimize EBITDA and Margins
•Maximize Growth Rates
•Tear into new Market Share
•Deep controlling reach into distant distribution channels
•Unify all of the above across portfolio holdings and roll ups


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