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Excerpt from EGI Capital Managing Member speech:

“Our fiduciary is to the multiple on invested capital, investors' return and carried interest. EGI Capital has absolutely zero interest in any performance improvement program with any client unless we determine the hard wiring to EBITDA lift. We isolate what that lift must be to considerably enhance enterprise value and then we ground-up develop, we back in to exactly what performance improvement programs must be run, system-wide, in sales, operations and market share to achieve that EBITDA lift.


We drive profits. And with these profits we drive enterprise value. And for exit? With driven enterprise value we manage into an auction environment for the highest bidder. No other firm on the planet does what EGI Capital does...and with decades of Fortune 500 experience to back it up. Hold or Exit.

We have to stipulate to our Success track record. For private equity and for holdings, the only question then is Successability; and the cost to investors of not deploying our success."

~ Christopher Desloge

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