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March 28, 2022

EGI CAPITAL (Equity Growth International) secures rights to patent for growth audit trail on blockchain

New York, NY -  Equity Growth International, LLC d/b/a EGI Capital has secured the rights to the innovative technology to tie all enterprise valuation growth of private and pubic companies directly to activities of revenues, operations and market share by the process patent of audit trail on blockchain invented by EGI founder Christopher Desloge in October 2021. 

Long the bane of companies seeking to tie their valuation directly to decisions in operations, sales or market share, the patent now allows all companies whether Fortune 500 international or small business or private equity to predetermine linkage between activities and valuation and then affirmed and codified within a blockchain audit trail environment. 


EGI Capital private equity clients now can assign zero risk to program activity for valuation growth, and to exit into a rich auction environment because the buyer can tie into the blockchain validity during the due diligence period, and to sustain valuation growth without loss of valuation after the purchase. 

According to inventor and EGI chair Christopher Desloge, "Never in the history of private equity, or for that matter all company sale transactions, has there been a forensic basis of zero trust risk than blockchain." This patent, and as used by EGI, captures the exact consensus of impacts of growth activity to enterprise value, including the various weightings of valuation multiplier. The seller sells leaving no equity on the table, the buyer buys audit trail assurance of no valuation loss after purchase, and both parties avoid the litigation often associated with the risk of warranties and representations of value and performance. 

EGI Capital is a specialist growth-oriented provider prior to sale to assure optimized sale on exit utilizing program activities long utilized in the Fortune 500 and standing on a history of over $50B in profit growth. EGI utilizes deep programmatic activity to stimulate growth in revenues and profits from direct and deep channel & distribution systems; and to increase the market share against competitors. This robust net impact on EBITDA and market share dramatically enhances the valuation of the overall enterprise as it faces an exit for the greatest purchase price while the buyer acquires a perfected EBITDA organization. 

With this novel patent technology in place, EGI is able to guarantee a minimum $100M in enterprise equity lift coupled with a warranty of program performance. 

EGI serves the largest private equity firms in the world and select private mid-market firms in delivering this programmatic growth now codified by audit trail accuracy on blockchain. 

For more information, contact Christopher Desloge at


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